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Now you can watch all the movies you want from the comfort of your home.


  • Watch Movies & Tv Shows
  • Enjoy Broadcast & Streaming Tv
  • Web Browsing
  • Area Tunes music player
  • XCINI help provider
  • Payodd processing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Online Games

    – Movies and Television Shows:

    • Enjoy content from televisions shows worldwide, the oldest and the newest movies, sports and entertainment, documentaries, news, events, cultural content, music, the web, and all media from around the globe.

    – Tv Broadcast & Streaming:

    • Access all channels worldwide with a click of your Sleek Media dual sided remote. Gain access to channels from your favorite countries and the television networks they broadcast and stream media content through. See the world from the comfort of your living room.

    – Web Browsing:

    • Visit your favorite websites and watch your favorite youtube channels, join in on the twitter instant gossips and chats, visit the most exciting fashion pages on Instagram, and connect with family on all the social media platforms.

    – Area Tunes Music Player:

    • Gain access to old, current, and hot musical picks from the best singers and artist in the world and have your favorites songs accessible to you via your Sleek Media Player. We bring your music to your home with ease.

    – Payodd processing:

    • Payodd’s integrated payment processing allows you to execute all your bill payments needs from the comfort of your home. Imagine being able to pay all your bills with the click of a button. It’s simple and secure.

      – XCINI:

      • Xcini engages everyday people with everyday consumers who need assistance in delivering, transporting, moving, or carrying goods and services to destinations within cities in the US and around the world.

      No matter where you are we have 24/7 support over our products, also you can take full advange of our online communitites and partner with us trought our interactive communications capabilities.


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